Trump’s HHS Chief Dismisses Biden Claim About Lack of ‘Detailed Plan’ for Covid Vaccine Rollout


President Donald Trump touted the success of his administration’s efforts to facilitate the accelerated development and manufacturing of COVID-19 vaccines at a rally in Georgia on Saturday, claiming it would have taken any other administration “five years” to achieve what his White House has in seven months.

US Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar dismissed criticism from Joe Biden about alleged lack of a “detailed plan” for a coronavirus vaccine rollout, saying such plans do exist and dismissing claims to the contrary as “nonsense.”

“This is being micromanaged and controlled by the United States military, as well as our incredible private sector,” the secretary added.

Azar’s comments follow remarks by Biden on Friday complaining that he and his team have yet to see a “detail plan” for the vaccine rollout, including “how you get the vaccine out of a container into an injection syringe into somebody’s arm.”

Republicans and Democrats have accused one another of engaging in partisan politics with the vaccine development programme, known as Operation Warp Speed, with the Trump administration initially seeking to roll out prospective vaccines even before the election, and his opponents accusing the president of mishandling or mismanaging the coronavirus emergency.

Trump administration officials responsible for Operation Warp Speed are expected to meet with their Biden counterparts sometime this week to discuss…

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