Turkey Hopes to Resolve S-400 Issues With US No Matter Who Will Be Next President

Joe Biden, a Democrat, is currently projected to win the December Electoral College vote, although his Republican opponent, Donald Trump, is currently disputing the election results in court.

Turkey has high hopes of resolving its disagreements with the US in regards to its purchase of Russian-made S-400 air defence systems by negotiating the issue with either the current administration, or with the one formed by Joe Biden, who is currently projected to win the election, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said. He suggested that this way his country might prevent the introduction of American sanctions.

The minister recalled that the issues with the procurement of the S-400s first emerged during the Obama administration, where Joe Biden served as vice president, and noted that Ankara has held extensive negotiations with the Trump administration on the matter, although without success. Cavusoglu added that Turkey had even offered to create a joint group involving NATO to address the issue of compatibility of the Russian equipment with the alliance’s systems, but Washington turned it down.

Sanctions Threats and Botched F-35 Deliveries

The purchase of the Russian air defence systems, Turkey’s response to the US’ reluctance to sell Patriots to it, became a major stumbling block for Ankara and Washington. The latter claimed that the S-400s would be incompatible with NATO’s defence grid, despite having no objections to the installation of older Russian S-300 systems in Greece,…

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