Smuggling Sperm of Terror Convicts Might Be Difficult in Israel But It Doesn’t Stop Would-be Mothers

Middle East

Israeli prison authorities ban conjugal visits for Palestinian prisoners incarcerated for terrorism. For many wives of such inmates this verdict means they can never become mothers but some are taking matters into their hands, looking for ways to get pregnant under the noses of watchful Israeli guards.

The year 2020 has been especially difficult for both Israelis and Palestinians. Since the outbreak of the pandemic in March, many have lost their lives, hundreds of thousands have lost their jobs, sinking into poverty.

But for Sanaa Salama, an Israeli Arab woman from the town of Tira in central Israel, this year has been sheer bliss, simply because she finally became a mother.

Achieving that goal, however, was not easy and the reason for this was that her husband, Walid Daqqa, is a prisoner, serving a life sentence in an Israeli jail for his involvement in terrorism.

How It All Began

Daqqa was caught and imprisoned in 1986, after he confessed to the kidnapping and murder of an Israeli soldier, Moshe Tamam, two years earlier by a cell of the Popular Front of the Liberation of Palestine, an organisation deemed a terrorist outfit by israel and of which Daqqa was a part. But it was only 13 years later that he met and married Sanaa, who back then was a journalist, writing about the life of Palestinian prisoners.

The problem was that Israel’s prison authorities do not allow conjugal visits for those tried for…

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