No. 10 Data Released to Placate Lockdown Skeptics Notes Tier System Will Cause ‘Economic Scarring’


Lawmakers in the United Kingdom are set to vote on a new set of coronavirus restriction measures which will see a fresh three-tier system introduced on a regional basis, depending on the severity of the outbreak.

Westminster has published data that the government claims will justify the decision to introduce England’s new regional tier system, as Prime Minister Boris Johnson seeks to placate an increasing number of anti-lockdown rebels.

Downing Street’s report claims that the office of the PM is looking to “balance the many complex impacts” of the new pandemic lockdown regulations and keep them in force “for as short a time as possible”.

The release described the impact of allowing the coronavirus virus to spread exponentially to be “intolerable for society”.

The document also says that an unchecked pandemic will lead to a collapse in the capacity for intensive care to respond to both COVID-19 patients and other emergency assistance, resulting in “a much higher proportion” of deaths.

On the virus’ reproduction ‘R’ rate, the report also says that authorities are “confident” that it will be “substantially lower than the counterfactual of no tiering or equivalent measures being in place” and will reduce deaths “in the short term as well as reducing the risk of an overwhelming of the National Health Service”.

It also notes that “the initial tier 3 restrictions agreed by local areas in October” may have caused “a reduction in R between a…

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