UK PM Johnson Reportedly Mulling New Laws Against Twitter Censors to Dodge Trump’s ‘Fact-Checking’ Fate

Since polls closed on 3 November in the 2020 US presidential election, about 30 percent of Donald Trump’s posts on Twitter have been flagged as containing or potentially including “misinformation”, according to a Variety analysis, including his claim that Democrats were trying to “STEAL” the election.

Boris Johnson is reportedly considering cracking down on Twitter’s censorship of UK politicians by introducing new laws, writes the Daily Mail.

The outlet cites senior Whitehall sources as saying that the decision came after the Prime Minister observed how the social media giant had slapped warning labels on over 65 tweets by US President Donald Trump during the 2020 election, where the incumbent claimed extensive voter “fraud”, while failing to apply any of the same policy to tweets by the projected President-elect, Democrat Joe Biden.

A reportedly alarmed Johnson expressed concern that he too could be subjected to similar Twitter “fact-checking”.

Accordingly, the Prime Minister is claimed to have discussed amending the Online Harms Bill that is currently before Parliament.

In April 2019, the UK published an Online Harms White Paper that proposed new duty-of-care laws for social media companies and platform providers to address widespread concerns about online issues, ranging from terrorist and child sexual abuse content to cyber bullying.

The legislation would apply to “disturbing” content such as suicide footage or jihadi videos on social media…

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