Hungarian Official’s ‘Europe is George Soros’ Gas Chamber’ Remark Draws Israeli Ire


The Hungarian pro-government website Origo published an op-ed on Saturday by a Hungarian ministerial commissioner in which he called Soros the “liberal Fuhrer”, while defending Hungary and Poland in a wrangle with Brussels over the planned EU budget.

The Israeli Embassy in Hungary has tweeted its indignation over an article by a high-ranking official in the country’s ruling Fidesz Party that likened billionaire philanthropist George Soros – a staunch critic of Hungary’s government – to Adolph Hitler.

​The embassy’s Saturday night tweet, underscoring that there was no place for “abusing the memory of the Holocaust for any purpose”, followed the publication of an op-ed by Demeter Szilard, the director-general of the Petofi Museum of Literature, by the Hungarian pro-government website Origo.

In it the author claims George Soros is the “liberal Fuhrer, his liber-aryan army deifies him more than did Hitler’s own.”

As the official weighs in on the conflict over the European Union’s next budget, which member states Hungary and Poland have been blocking in connection with specific contested provisions, he writes, according to a translation cited by AP:

The author, appointed by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban to oversee cultural production, argues that Hungary and Poland, under EU investigation for ostensibly undermining judicial independence and media freedom, are “the new Jews… they are…

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