Australian Army Moves to Axe 13 Troops Over Afghan War Crimes

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Last week, the Australian government released a redacted version of the Brereton report – a comprehensive, four-year-long investigation into alleged war crimes perpetrated by Australian troops in Afghanistan between 2005 and 2016. The bombshell report concluded that at least 25 soldiers were involved in gruesome crimes including murder.

The Australian Army has moved to fire 13 troops in connection with the recently published Afghan war crimes report, with the troops in question given two weeks to appeal the charges or face termination, Army Chief Lieut. Gen. Rick Burr has announced.

The officer indicated that each soldier’s appeal will be considered “on a case by case basis,” and stressed the need to respect “the privacy of individuals” involved, and “enabling due process to take its course.” Burr also said that “legal, welfare and command support” would be provided to the soldiers involved.

Bombshell Report on Unlawful Killings

Released to the public in redacted form last week, the Brereton report, named after lead investigator, New South Wales Supreme Court judge and army reserve major general Paul Brereton, found that Australia’s elite Special Air Services (SAS) special forces troops had “unlawfully killed” at least 39 civilians and prisoners in Afghanistan, with at least 55 suspected incidents of criminal behaviour ranging from torture to summary execution discovered. The…

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