Return of the Dead: Swollen Mink Cadavers Emerge From Their Graves in Denmark


Culled animals emerging from the ground due to decomposition gases sparked morbid jokes about an invasion of “zombie killer mink”, which, many argued, wouldn’t surprise anybody in 2020.

Since Denmark proclaimed the successful eradication of the mutated coronavirus by killing millions of farmed mink, unexpected problem have arisen.

At a military training area in Holsterbo in western Jutland in Denmark, mink carcasses have swelled up and pushed out of the ground they were buried in.

The mink corpses were treated with disinfectant and covered with lime before being buried. But the grave turned out to be too shallow, so mink carcasses swelled up and penetrated the soil from below.

The National Police have already experienced this problem in other places.

“It is a natural process, which we have tried to solve by laying more soil on top”, Thomas Kristensen explained.

The challenge, however, is that West Jutland’s sandy soil proved to be too light.

“One metre of soil is not always the same. It depends on what it is made of. So that’s why we’ve seen it happening”, Kristensen said.

Henceforth, the mink will continue to be buried 2.5 metres underground instead of one metre to avoid similar situations. The burial grounds were also covered with additional soil. The area at Holsterbo is under guard, and in the long run will be fenced in due to the risk of infection associated with the dead animals.

“Mink, which have been infected with corona, are…

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