Netanyahu Reportedly Keeps Chief of Staff in Dark on National Security Issues, Fearing Competition

The Israeli prime minister reportedly fears that Aviv Kochavi might repeat the path of his former Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman, who became one of Netanyahu’s main political opponents, or at least leak information to his coalition partner Benny Gantz, who is slated to be the next prime minister.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu kept his Chief of General Staff, Aviv Kochavi, in the dark on several important issues related to national security, and has been doing so since his appointment to the post in 2018, Haaretz newspaper reported, citing numerous anonymous sources, including senior officials in the Israeli government.

Netanyahu reportedly does not share information or cooperate with Kochavi even on sensitive topics the two are supposed to discuss. Both the office of the prime minister and the IDF spokesperson deny the lack of cooperation between the two, calling the article’s allegations “groundless”.

Among the issues that Netanyahu purportedly concealed from Kochavi were the actual plans for extending sovereignty to certain West Bank settlements, which had since been put on hold. As a result, the chief of staff reportedly did not know what territories might need additional protection as a result of the move, despite being in charge of the military.

Israel’s peace deal with the UAE and Bahrain, which had resulted in freezing the plans for extending Tel Aviv’s control over the West Bank, also reportedly came out of a clear sky for Kochavi, who learned of…

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