US to Provide $600Mln for Civilian Assistance in Afghanistan in 2021, Under Secretary of State Says


The aid pledge comes days after Secretary of Defence Christopher Miller, who was recently appointed to the role by the Trump administration, announced the US’ intention to drastically draw down the number of troops deployed in war-torn Afghanistan in the next few weeks.

The United States will provide $600 million for civilian assistance in Afghanistan next year but half of those funds will depend on progress potentially made throughout peace talks, Under Secretary of State David Hale said o Tuesday.

The United States is currently pledging $300 million of the total sum, with the remaining money to be made available depending on progress in the peace process, the diplomat added.

The United Kingdom, the third biggest bilateral donor to Afghanistan after the US and Germany, has for its part pledged $207 million in aid to support peace and stability in the country. A statement issued by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) on Tuesday said the UK’s aid pledge for 2021 would help cut child mortality rates and boost citizens’ access to education and essential social infrastructure.

The pledge complements UK support to Afghanistan through diplomacy and security commitments and comes after the $93.5 million security pledge for Afghan National Defence and Security Forces in 2021, which was announced last month.

Pullout Plans

On 17 November, Secretary of Defence Christopher Miller, the top official…

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