NORAD Agile Basing Airpower Seminar investigates options to bring further innovation to Canada’s North

As the Canadian NORAD Region (CANR) looks to further project joint airpower into the Arctic region for full-spectrum and pan-domain operations, an ongoing series of seminars known as the Joint Agile Basing Airpower Seminar (JABAS) brings key stakeholders in the fields of science, environment, information, governance, and logistics together to take a broad look at some of the challenges of agile basing in the Arctic. Originally known as the Arctic Airpower Seminars, they focus on exploring synergies between air operations, security, climate science, Indigenous communities, economic development, and other key concerns.

The fifth in the series of seminars held on Tuesday, September 22, 2020, saw defence partners convene virtually by way of video teleconference, rather than risk the group to any potential exposure to COVID-19.

Hosted by Brigadier-General Edward “Hertz” Vaughan, Deputy Commander, CANR, and Dr. Andrea Charron, Associate Professor of Political Studies from the University of Manitoba saw discussion from members of the Canadian Armed Forces, The United States Department of Defense, allied and academic colleagues, along with Extreme Cold Industry Innovators and other stakeholders as they discussed multi-domain solutions for projecting joint airpower in an extreme cold environment.

“Operating in the Arctic poses a unique set of challenges, especially as we deal with climate change.  Bringing our partners from northern communities, industry and academia…

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