Biden’s Blinken Brexit Bust-up With BoJo: Is This the End of the ‘Special Relationship’?

With British Remainers pinning hopes of a last-minute halt to Brexit on Joe Biden’s claim to the US presidency, will he and PM Boris Johnson get on like a house on fire? Or are Biden’s cabinet appointments an omen of chilly relations between Number 10 and the White House?

With Joe Biden seemingly set to become the oldest man to assume the US presidency, what do his picks for his nascent administration spell for the ‘special relationship’ with Britain?

The media has been awash with speculation that a Biden win would portend doom for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who he sees as a “kind of a physical and emotional clone” of sitting President Donald Trump.

And fans of the European Union are ecstatic at the thought that a Biden presidency might put a spoke in the wheel of Brexit – even though the UK has already left the European Union (EU) and the transition period is set to expire 20 days before the next president is sworn in.

The former vice-president has signalled a sea-change from Trump’s isolationist foreign policy, pledging to “restore our historic partnerships” while “calling on all NATO nations to recommit to their responsibilities as members of a democratic alliance.”

While that is likely to ring alarm bells in Moscow, Beijing, Tehran, Pyongyang, Damascus and elsewhere, it ostensibly bodes well for relations with the UK, one of the key NATO powers after the US and a historical transatlantic bridge between Europe and America.

With Biden making action on global…

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