Riding Off Success of New Satellite, Iran Official Calls for Creation of Permanent Space-Based Radar

Tehran achieved a major breakthrough with its space programme in April, launching the Noor-1 (lit. ‘Light-1’) military satellite into orbit. US Chief of Space Operations Gen. Jay Raymond derided the spacecraft as a mere “tumbling webcam in space”. However, in July, Iran released detailed satellite images of the largest US base in the Middle East.

Building on the success of its previous endeavours, Iran needs to move to the development and construction of space-based radars, Deputy Defence Minister Brig. Gen. Qassem Taqizadeh has said.

Praising Iranian scientists and industries for their efforts in expanding Iran’s capabilities in radar technologies, including passive and active phased array radars, the deputy defence minister said these efforts were aimed at “thwarting the enemy’s electromagnetic onslaught” and ensuring the operation of sophisticated and effective Iranian air defences.

Advanced radar applications are useful in the civilian sector as well, Taqizadeh said, citing their ability to reduce road accidents and fatalities, help ensure border security, and be used in other areas including meteorology, air traffic control and agriculture.

Citing the regional conflicts on Iran’s borders, as well as Tehran’s mission to assist the Syrian government in its fight against terrorism, Taqizadeh stressed that “these conflicts provide us with lessons and experience, the most important of which is the need for strong defence at various levels. To become…

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