‘Iran, We’re Watching You’: IDF Sends Menacing Message to Quds Force in Wake of Syria Strikes

Middle East

The Israeli Defence Force issued a rare admission Thursday that its warplanes launched strikes on ‘Iranian Quds Force’ and Syrian Army targets in Syria Wednesday morning. Syrian media reported that multiple Israeli missiles fired from the direction of the occupied Golan Heights had been shot down, with others landing, killing several servicemen.

The Israeli military’s official Twitter account has issued an ominous warning to Tehran, warning the Islamic Republic that it was being ‘watched’, and saying that Israeli intelligence “can confirm that the Iranian Quds Force Unit 840, which is part of Iran’s global network of terror, was responsible for the IED attacks on the Israel-Syria border this week and in August 2020”.

Earlier, the IDF’s Twitter posted what it said was “operational footage” of the latest Israeli attacks on ‘Iranian’ and Syrian Army targets in Syria, accompanying photos released earlier purporting to show the targets which were struck.

“Let this be a warning: If you attack Israel, we will defend ourselves,” the IDF warned.

Early Wednesday morning, Syrian media reported multiple explosions in the sky above Damascus, characterising them as an act of “Israeli aggression”. Tel Aviv, which normally doesn’t comment on its military operations in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and elsewhere, offered a rare confirmation that it was responsible for the attack, claiming that its…

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