Twitter Faces Backlash After ‘Shadow-Banning’ an Indian Army Account Over Rescue Operation Post


Last month, Donald Trump Jr. also accused Twitter of shadow-banning his account. In generic terms, shadow-banning entails suppressing social media profiles to limit their reach by removing them from search results among, other means.

American social media giant Twitter has stirred up a controversy after “shadow-banning” an Indian Army account for reasons unclear so far.

The account in question is that of the Kashmir-based Chinar Corps, which had tweeted a post about rescue operations in Jammu and Kashmir.

“So, now you have started to censor the Indian Army accounts”, commented a Delhi-based activist group, which has also filed a complaint against Twitter with the federal government.

​The social media post, made by the Srinagar-headquartered Chinar Corps, recounted the efforts of Indian troops in rescuing a vehicle stuck in the snow in the Gulmarg region.

​As per Twitter, shadow-banning is “deliberately making someone’s content undiscoverable” to some users. After the Chinar Corps’ account was censored by Twitter, the name of the Indian Army account wouldn’t show up in search results even after typing the full account details.

In the past, the California-headquartered company has been accused by US President Donald Trump of shadow-banning accounts of Republican leaders.

“Twitter SHADOW BANNING prominent Republicans. Not good. We will look into this discriminatory and illegal practice at once! Many complaints”, the US president…

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