Pakistan Helped Taliban Weaken Afghan Gov’t & Kabul’s Alignment with India: Obama’s Memoirs


Former US President Barack Obama’s memoirs, released on Tuesday, have caused some ripples in India, especially his unflattering remarks about Rahul Gandhi of the opposition Congress party. The autobiography also has references to Obama’s India visit.

In his latest book, former US President Barack Obama stated that Pakistan’s military and its intelligence arm, the ISI, quietly assisted the Taliban “as a means of keeping the Afghan government weak and the hedging against Kabul’s potential alignment with Pakistan’s arch rival, India”.

In his memoirs “A Promised Land”, Obama wrote that the US had also “tolerated” such behaviour from a purported ally – supporting it with billions of dollars in military and economic aid despite its complicity with violent extremists and its record as a significant and irresponsible proliferator of nuclear weapons technology in the world.

Obama remarked that a complete cut-off of military aid to Islamabad wasn’t an option, since the US had to rely on the overland routes through Pakistan to supply its Afghanistan operations. The former president, however, admitted that Pakistan tacitly helped and facilitated the United States in its “counter terrorism efforts against al-Qaeda camps within its territory’’.

About India’s former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Obama wrote “…with a white beard and a turban that were the marks of his Sikh faith, but to the Western eye lent him the air of a holy…

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