Trump Set to Take More Harsh Steps Against China Soon, Report Says


By doing so, Trump is reportedly trying to make it complicated for the projected Biden administration to change the US’ policy on Beijing, which is being justified as an adequate response to what Washington calls “aggressive” policies by China in the Indo-Pacific region.

US President Donald Trump is set to enact a series of harsh policies towards China before projected president-elect Joe Biden might enter the White House, Axios reported on Sunday citing senior Trump officials close to the matter.

In particular, the Trump administration will expand sanctions or restrictions to include more Chinese companies, government entities and officials, for what it deems as threats to US national security, or “human rights violations” in Xinjiang and Hong Kong. At the same time, no new policies are expected in connection with Taiwan, or towards Chinese consulates in the US, officials say.

The new measures will include expanding the list of the companies that the Defence Ministry believes are tied to the Chinese military. Earlier this week, President Trump issued an executive order prohibiting purchases or sales of securities tied to China’s military starting on 11 January.

The Chinese Ministry of Commerce commented on Monday that the US should stop the unreasonable suppression of the country’s firms. Prior to that, Washington blacklisted 24 Chinese companies, accusing them of helping the Chinese government construct artificial…

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