US Won’t Repeat ‘Mistakes of the Past’ When Dealing With Egypt if Biden Wins, Professor Says

Washington invests billions of dollars in Egypt, also considered a close ally in the fight against terror, and a Cairo-based expert says that partnership won’t be affected under a Biden administration.

While votes in the US presidential race are still being counted, many world leaders have already congratulated Joe Biden on his projected win, with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi being one of the first to send out a note, expressing hope for “further cooperation” with Washington.

Some say a Biden presidency, if he does end up taking office in Janaury, will be challenging for Al-Sisi, as the new administration is likely to be less tolerant when it comes to human rights and other issues that Cairo prefers to brush under the rug.

Egypt Not Worried

But Maged Botros, a professor of political science and the dean of Egypt’s Helwan University, says decision-makers on Capitol Hill will not dare to jeopardise US relations with Egypt, one of their main allies in the region.

This stance is understandable. Egypt’s geographical position makes it a key player when it comes to handling terror and other security threats. America’s direct investments in the country, including in the gas and oil industries, stood at more than $21 billion in 2018.

Nonetheless, the prospect of the Democrats returning to the White House still stirs up the ghosts of the past, recalling 2011 and the January revolution.

At the time, the Obama administration revoked its support for then-President…

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