Biden May Reportedly Pick Woman to Head Pentagon in Case of Victory, Setting Historic Precedent


Biden is yet to officially secure victory in the election despite American news networks having already projected him as the winner. The candidate and his team are already working on the expected transition of power, with the Democrat reportedly planning to deliver on his promise of a more diverse administration.

The projected winner in the US presidential election, Joe Biden, is reportedly considering appointing former Under Secretary of Defence for Policy Michèle Flournoy as his secretary of defence upon taking office, The Herald reported, citing anonymous officials. Should the report turn out to be true and Biden is victorious in the election, Flournoy would become the first woman to hold the post.

According to the sources, Flournoy, who has worked at the Department of Defence but never served in the military, is a “front-runner” to take a post in Biden’s expected administration. She was also expected to receive a position in a Hillary Clinton administration if the then-Democratic candidate had one the 2016 election.

Not a Fan of Radical Changes and Complete Withdrawal of Troops

Flournoy is a co-founder of the Westexec Advisors consulting company, which focuses on geopolitical risk analysis, and the Centre for a New American Security think tank. She also holds a position on the board of Booz Allen Hamilton, a government contractor known among other things for being behind the notorious NSA surveillance programmes revealed by the whistleblower…

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