China Warns of Response After Pompeo Says Taiwan ‘Has Not Been Part of China’

The United States has moved closer to Taiwan in recent months. Top US officials have pledged to ramp up economic and military ties as well as heightened their rhetoric in support of the breakaway province.

China’s foreign ministry has pledged to hit back against moves that undermine its “core interests” and interfere in its internal affairs, following US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo claiming that Taiwan “has not been a part of China”.

Speaking in Beijing on Friday, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin reiterated that the island province of Taiwan is an inalienable part of China and warned that Pompeo’s comments would harm Sino-US relations.

“We solemnly tell Pompeo and his ilk, that any behaviour that undermines China’s core interests and interferes with China’s domestic affairs will be met with a resolute counterattack by China”, he said, without specifying as to how Beijing would respond.

During a radio interview on Thursday, Pompeo said that Taiwan has not been a part of China.

“That was recognised with the work that the Reagan administration did to lay out the policies that the United States has adhered to now for three-and-a-half decades”, he said.

The secretary of state claimed that both the Democratic and Republican parties have recognised Taiwan as separate from China for over 35 years and have agreed to defend Taiwan.

Joanne Ou, a spokeswoman for Taiwan’s foreign ministry, thanked Pompeo for giving his support.

“The Republic of China…

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