Five Swedish Mosques Receive Letters With Threats, White Powder


According to the Swedish police, threats against mosques are uncommon in Sweden, but may be linked to the recent series of Islamist attacks in france.

Eskilstuna Grand Mosque has received a threatening letter containing white powder, along with four other mosques across Sweden, national broadcaster SVT reported.

The mosques affected by what was reported as harassment are the ones in Gothenburg, Stockholm, Luleå and Malmö.

“As we understand, it was both a similar message and a powder that the other mosques received,” Anas Deneche, communications manager at Eskilstuna Grand Mosque told SVT, stressing the worshippers’ concern.

“People remember Christchurch, when a man went inside a mosque and executed 51 worshippers. Of course, it is in people’s memory and they think that this may be a warning that something bigger may happen in the future,” Deneche emphasised.

The police said that hate crimes are prioritised in their work, regardless of their nature, whether it’s vandalism, harassment or threats, and expressed hope that the culprit will be caught.

Thomas Bergqvist of Eskilstuna police emphasised the “good coordination” and intelligence cooperation between police districts across the country. So far, technical investigations of the letters are still underway.

Bergqvist ventured that the events in Sweden may be somehow linked to the spree of Islamist attacks in france. Earlier in October, France saw several terrorist attacks with…

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