World Facing Threat of Third World War, Claims Czech Military Intelligence Report

The authors of the report cite an escalation of rivalry between the United States, Russia and China as a possible cause for the conflict.

The world is facing the threat of a new world war, according to a 2019 Czech military intelligence report, published belatedly on its website on 10 November.

According to analysts, the global conflict is currently “in its first stage”.

According to the authors of the report, a global military conflict might be unleashed as the United States, Russia and China juggle for supremacy.

The document also notes a perceived decline in the importance of international law.

While the current world order is being called into question, peaceful dialogue as a means of resolving emerging contradictions is being neglected.

In addition, the increased manipulation of public consciousness contributes to dangerously escalating tension, analysts say.

‘Militarily Weak, Generally Questionable’

The report comes as earlier The National Interest attempted to estimate the chances of Russia and NATO in a potential military standoff.

According to military analysts cited by Kris Osborn, Defence Editor for the outlet, and former Pentagon expert, while Russia has postured itself as able to counter-balance or deter The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, some examinations of its current military purportedly called into doubt its current ability to pose a real challenge to the Alliance in a prolonged, substantial military engagement.

This conclusion by experts was…

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