UK May Turn Into ‘International Outsider’ if Biden Enters Office, Labour Official Claims


Late last month, former UK Ambassador to Paris and NATO Peter Ricketts warned that if Joe Biden wins the US presidential election, Britain “will not have the same prominence it has been used to having in Washington”.

In an interview with Sky News, Lord Falconer, Labour’s Shadow Attorney General, has warned of a risk of the UK endangering its relations with the US under a possible Joe Biden presidency.

He went further by claiming that “to make ourselves an international outsider, somebody who will become low down the list of the people who the United States will want to do business with, is a very big mistake for the United Kingdom”.

The Shadow Attorney General also argued that the UK government is “in a big hole” over the so-called Internal Market Bill that the House of Lords is due to amend later this week.  

The bill is designed to give Westminster more power over devolved areas, including Northern Ireland in the EU’s Customs Union in order to prevent a hard border on the island of Ireland.

The cabinet earlier admitted that the legislation may contradict the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement, resulting in heated debates within the governing Conservative Party, and harsh criticism from the opposition, as well as the EU.

The Shadow Attorney General was echoed by former Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown who told the BBC last week that Biden may prefer to see the UK staying in the EU.

Ex-UK Envoy Warns Britain Will Face Repercussions if Biden Becomes US…

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