Israel-Sudan Might Deal Destructive Blow to Hamas, But It Won’t Be Lethal, Analyst Says

Until recently, Sudan was considered a threat to israel. For the Jewish state, the African nation has been associated with Hamas training camps and the military provisions it supplied to the Islamist group. Now, with a peace agreement between Khartoum and the Jewish state looming, that unwavering support for the Gaza Strip might come to an end.

It’s been almost a month since US President Donald Trump announced that Sudan would normalise relations with Israel. Although it is still not clear when exactly the official agreement is going to be signed, many in israel believe that the inking is inevitable and that it will take place before the end of this year.

Israel is set to benefit greatly from this deal. The agreement gives the Jewish state deeper access to Africa. It encourages other African and Muslim nations to follow suit, and it enables Israeli authorities to send back to Sudan more than 6,000 Sudanese refugees, who currently reside in the country illegally.

Most importantly, however, the pact is not going to be good news for Hamas, Israel’s rival that controls the Gaza Strip.

Land of Terror

Until recently, Sudan served as logistical backing for terror organisations operating in the Middle East – at least this has been the accusation thrown at it by Israel and its allies in Washington. According to reports, it was not only Hamas that used the soil of the African nation for training – other groups, including various Algerian factions and even Al Qaeda, have also…

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