Italian Foreign Minister Reiterates Need to Clinch ‘European Patriot Act’ to Tackle Terror


On Thursday, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said that “Europe is facing a common challenge” and that international cooperation to counter terrorism must be strengthened after the Vienna attacks, which left four people dead and at least 22 injured.

In an interview with The Times on Saturday, Italian Foreign Minister Luigi di Maio reiterated the necessity of the EU considering a US-style Patriot Act to combat terror in the wake of deadly attacks in Austria and France.

The Patriot Act, introduced by Washington following the deadly 9/11 attacks in the US, stipulated more phone tapping powers for the FBI and the CIA, as well as improved data sharing between the agencies plus tightening the penalties for acts of terrorism.

He pointed out that “the security of one state equals the security of all the others”, pledging to discuss the issue with his foreign counterparts “in the coming days”.

Touching upon recent terrorist attacks in Nice and Vienna, the Italian Foreign Minister said that it’s “clear that in the face of all of this, Europe and Italy itself cannot continue with just words”.

He also vowed to consider a plan to fight human trafficking and illegal migration regarding Tunisia, after it was revealed that the Nice attacker had travelled from the North African nation to France via Italy.

Kurz Says ‘International Cooperation’ Needed to Fight Terrorist Threat

The comments followed Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz calling for enhanced…

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