Islamism: How NATO Cold War Tool Boomeranged on EU & Why Europe Should Team Up With Russia, China

On 5 November, a rally was held in Vienna, Austria, commemorating the victims of Monday’s massacre that claimed the lives of four and left 22 more wounded. French politician Karel Vereycken has explained how Europe found itself in Islamism’s crosshairs and why the EU urgently needs to team up with Russia and China to fix the problem.

The shooting spree in Vienna came on the heels of stabbing attacks in Nice and Paris. The French and Austrian authorities agree that the assaults have all the earmarks of Islamist terror acts.

Cold War Roots of Islamism: Are the Chickens Coming Home to Roost?

While some observers have suggested that the stabbing incidents in France could somehow be connected with the trial of 14 suspects in the 2015 Charlie Hebdo attack and Emmanuel Macron’s vow to promote French secularism, the subsequent Vienna shooting indicated “that the issue is much larger than a couple of deliberately provocative cartoons” says Karel Vereycken, a political analyst and vice president of Solidarite & Progres, a political party founded by Jacques Cheminade.

Having noted that it would be a mistake to reduce the phenomenon to a purely sociological issue, the politician says that the origins of Islamic terrorism come from the Cold War when jihadists were used as an efficient tool against NATO’s adversaries.

British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher started financing the Afghan Mujahedeen and “Islamic resistance” to fight against the USSR in the early 1980s, Vereycken…

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