Macron Proposes Kurz to Set Up ‘Pact Against Radical Islamism’ in Wake of Terror Attacks

France and Austria have been swept by a wave of extremism. Over the past three weeks, a series of brutal terrorist attacks took place in Nice, Lyon and Paris, while another series of terror acts shook the Austrian capital of Vienna on Monday, which resulted in four fatalities and at least 22 people injured.

Within the context, the French government has stepped up efforts to combat the Islamist threat by increasing security measures in certain areas, including schools, with Macron pledging to fight Islamist separatism. Kurz, in turn, declared that he joined the French leader in a “European front in the war on Islamism.”

The words used by Kurz regarding the issue weighed much more heavily than those of president Macron, who is very careful lately to avoid being accused of leading a war against Islam.

This is in sharp contrast with the careful avoidance of even the word “Islamism” by the European leaders — European Council President Charles Michel, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen or EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell and most of the European heads of state, especially in Germany.

Meanwhile, the French leader is being burnt in effigy in many Muslim countries, from Pakistan and Afghanistan to Morocco, for his stance toward secularism and freedom of expression and is being treated by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, an influential figure in the Muslim world, as a warmonger against Islam who should check his mental health over his obsession with…

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