Norway Sues Consultancy for $1.6 Billion Over Sunken Frigate


In one of the most painful peacetime losses in the history of the Norwegian Armed Forces, the frigate Helge Ingstad collided with the tanker Sola TS in November 2018 while heading back from Trident Juncture, a major series of NATO drills; it suffered a 45-metre-long gash and sunk shortly after.

The Norwegian Armed Forces have assumed that the registrar and classification society DNV GL is responsible for the collapse of the KNM Helge Ingstad in late 2018 and demands NOK 15 billion ($1.6 billion) in compensation, national broadcaster NRK reported.

Last year, the Accident Investigation Board Norway concluded, among other things, that the training of the bridge crew of the frigate was deficient. However, it also concluded that water from the generator compartment penetrated into the gear compartment through hollow propeller shafts. The Armed Forces believes that DNV GL should have revealed this in advance. The leaked water made the damage more extensive and led to the decision for the crew to prepare for evacuation.

In 2017, DNV GL (formerly known as Veritas) gave the KNM Helge Ingstad a new class certificate, valid until 2021. The approval came after a 5-year inspection carried out in 2016.

Charlotte Bjørn, Head of Communications at DNV GL Maritime Northern Europe, confirmed the lawsuit, yet brushed it aside as unfounded. She explained that the class admission is based on drafts and data received from none other than the Armed Forces…

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