Marine Le Pen Too Soft on Muslims in France, Says Departing Party Member

France has been rocked by four shooting and stabbing attacks in the past two months, with three of them eventually being deemed acts of Islamic terrorism. The attacks have been decried by French politicians, including the leader of the National Rally party Marine Le Pen, who will soon try her chances once more in a presidential election.

National Rally (RN) president Marine Le Pen came under harsh criticism from one of her party’s top members, Jean Messiha, who announced his decision to leave the organisation during an interview with Valeurs Actuelles magazine, amid his disagreement with the ex-presidential runner’s stance on Islam and failure to produce major election results.

Messiha, an economist, civil servant and one the party’s key intellectuals, described his disappointment with Le Pen’s leadership, as RN so far had failed to land any major victories in national and municipal elections despite having widespread support among the population.

“We have won the battle of ideas but we are not managing to stir a broad popular tide that is converted into victory at the polls. It’s like a football team which has lots of supporters and a manager full of goodwill but never wins or wins very rarely,” the politician explained.

Radical Islam and Attacks in France

But for the 50-year-old politician, one of Le Pen’s major weaknesses was her stance on Islam, which he defines as not being strong enough. “She considers that Islam, as a religion, is not a problem for…

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