France’s Macron Blasts FT for ‘Distorting’ His Words on Islamist Separatism


The French president got into a spat with the London-based newspaper after an article published by the outlet on Tuesday wrongly called his condemnation of “Islamist separatism”, “Islamic separatism” and suggested that such rhetoric could risk creating a “hostile environment” for French Muslims. The article in question has since been removed.

French President Emmanuel Macron has sent a letter to the editor of the Financial Times, clarifying his stance towards French Muslims after the newspaper accused him of “stigmatising” the minority community “for electoral purposes and of fostering a climate of fear and suspicion towards them”.

“Let us not nurture ignorance by distorting the words of a head of state. We know only too well where that can lead,” Macron tweeted early Thursday morning, linking the tweet to his response, which was published by the newspaper.

Listing of a series of Islamist terror attacks france has witnessed over the past five years, Macron indicated that there are unfortunately still “certain districts” in france and online which become “terrorist breeding grounds” where “small girls wear the full veil and are raised to hate our values.”

“This is what France is fighting against…hatred and death that threaten its children – never against Islam. We oppose deception, fanaticism, violent extremism. Not a religion,” Macron added.

Macron recalled recent…

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