‘No Time for Grief and Forgiveness’: Sweden Democrats Want to Close Down Terror-Supporting Mosques


Amid a wave of Islamist terrorism that has swept Europe, national-conservative Sweden Democrat leader Jimme Åkesson has called for the throttling of grant money, the closure of mosques that support terror, and that the Swedish citizenship of those involved be revoked whenever possible.

Following the Islamist terrorist attack in the Austrian capital of Vienna, Sweden Democrat leader Jimmie Åkesson has demanded harsh measures against Islamists expressing extreme views in Sweden.

In a video he published on social media, Åkesson lamented the recent terrorist act, but called for forceful action against Islamism. Åkesson emphasised that his party already a decade ago warned that Islamist was the biggest threat to decmoracy.

​“Unfortunately, the reality shows that we were right. Another Islamist terrorist attack in Europe. Even more people had their lives shattered to pieces. Even more innocent people lost their lives,” Åkesson said.

The perennial Sweden Democrat leader argued that this is not about “a few crazy people”, but well-organised extremists.

Åkesson directed harsh criticism at those who try to approach Islamism understandingly or avoid conflict.

“It’s nothing more than pure complicity,” he ventured.

To counter this adverse development, Åkesson demanded a crackdown on terror-supporting organisations and individuals, renewing the Sweden Democrats’ demand to withdraw citizenship.

The Monday shooting spree in Vienna left…

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