Iran Offers Glimpse of Rail-Based Multiple Launch System for Use at its ‘Underground Missile Cities’

The United States and its European allies have repeatedly sought to force Iran to slow or stop the continued modernisation of its missile forces. Tehran insists that its missile arsenal is fully legal under international law, and meant purely for deterrence against Iran’s potential foes.

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps unveiled a new home-grown automated rapid transport and launch system for its long-range ballistic missiles on Wednesday.

Revolutionary Guard Commander Maj. Gen. Hossein Salami attended the system’s unveiling ceremony, boasting that “the flight of our missiles will shake the enemy’s core, and their force will push the enemy to retreat.” Salami added that Iran’s deterrent and defence capabilities give Tehran the power to demonstrate its political will, and to ‘impose it on the enemy if necessary’.

Iran has made major strides in its rocketry, missile and space technology industries in recent decades, fielding a range of short, medium and long-range missiles, as well as stealthy cruise missiles with ranges of between 40 and 3,000 km.

Iran has repeatedly showed off the extent of its homegrown missile power in recent years, launching multiple attacks against Daesh (ISIS)* terrorists in Iraq and Syria, and targeting a pair of US bases in Iraq in January 2020 in response to the assassination of one of its senior military commanders in Baghdad.

Iran’s missile arsenal has given Tehran a major conventional response capability, and…

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