Most Horrible Terror Attacks Vienna Faced in Past Decades


The Austrian capital city saw a terror attack late Monday, with shots fired in the city centre near a synagogue. The shooting resulted in multiple casualties, with police launching a massive operation and cordoning off the city centre.

The Monday shootings in Vienna join a litany of terror attacks suffered by the Austrian capital in past decades.

Resulting in at least 15 people injured, with seven in serious condition and causing the police department and Austrian military to launch a massive operation, the attack was described by Austrian authorities as a terror act.

Commenting on the incident, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz named it a “hideous terrorist attack” and vowed to take “decisive action”.

Here is what is known about terror attacks in the Austrian capital over past decades.

1975 OPEC Siege

During the 21 December 1975 semi-annual meeting of OPEC leaders in Vienna, six militants took over 60 hostages, killed an Austrian policeman along with an Iraqi OPEC security officer and a Libyan economist, and wounded several other people.

Led by Carlos the Jackal, the group behind the attack named itself the “Arm of the Arab Revolution”.

In following years, members of the Carlos group revealed that the siege was commanded by Wadie Haddad, a founder of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, claiming that the idea was suggested and funded by “an Arab president”. 

Carlos the Jackal was captured…

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