Trump’s Better for Israel, But Biden’s Election Won’t Be a ‘Disaster’, Ex-Diplomat Says

US-israel ties go well beyond the billions of dollars in annual injections, thinks a former Israeli diplomat. And this is why a change in who occupies the White House is unlikely to alter America’s commitment to the security of the Jewish state.

The race for the White House is slated to culminate on Tuesday and many in israel are their biting nails in anticipation of the outcome.

In Israel, where President Donald Trump is considered a hero and a “true friend”, the majority would like to see him re-elected and his supporters organise rallies and mass prayers for his success.

Similar voices of support are also being heard from the Gulf, with reports suggesting that top Emirati and Bahraini officials prefer to see Trump stay in office.

Yoram Ettinger, a former Israeli diplomat and an expert on Israel-US ties, says he definitely understands the reason behind the support from the Jewish state and the Gulf for Trump.

Now, as polls predict a victory for Trump’s challenger, Joe Biden, Ettinger says history might repeat itself and the new boss in Washington might return to the policies implemented by the Obama administration.

Past Mistakes

And the problem is, says the expert, those policies were a mistake that should not be repeated.

Quite the opposite was true. In 2009, for example, loyal to its policy of political correctness, the Obama administration reportedly ordered to erase intelligence on individuals linked to a number of terror groups. And in 2015, when an…

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