Police Probe Syrian YouTuber Who Dragged ‘Macron on Leash’ Through Berlin Streets – Video


The unusual performance took place amid a wave of protests in Islamic countries and among Muslim communities worldwide against remarks made by the French president, who defended the right of people in his country to draw and show cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad – which is what purportedly prompted two knife attacks in france in October.

Berlin police have launched an investigation into the actions of German YouTuber of Syrian origin Fayez Kanfash, who in a recent performance for a video “dragged” another man wearing a wig and a mask with the face of French President Emmanuel Macron through the streets of the German capital. The pseudo-Macron had his hands tied with a rope that was also used by Kanfash as a leash to drag him along while “insulting him and pretending to beat him”, as police described the act.

Officers stopped the YouTuber, who was wearing traditional Arab garb while dragging pseudo-Macron through Berlin’s Alexanderplatz and burning copies of Macron-masks to screams of “Allahu Akbar” from around 20 people following him. It is currently unclear what crime the police are suspecting the YouTuber of committing with his performance, a video of which was later published on social media.

It is unclear if Kanfash’s performance was satirical or a protest. The act comes amid a wave of criticism towards Macron from Muslims all over the world, condemning the stance of the French president, who defended the right of French citizens to draw…

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