Photos: White House Foists ‘Non-Scalable’ Fence, Choppers Buzz DC Ahead of US Election


Amid fears of social unrest in the aftermath of US elections on November 3, businesses in many cities are boarding up windows, even as some business leaders urge calm. The White House has also fortified itself, erecting the “non-scalable” fence seen in response to mass protests earlier this year.

Boards, Fences Go Up Prior to Vote

Around the White House, a new steel fence is being put up like that erected in June amid the nationwide Black Lives Matter protests that rocked the country in the wake of the police killing of George Floyd, a 46-year-old Black man in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Washington, DC, saw huge demonstrations, some of which destroyed shop windows and set fires, after which the DC government and US President Donald Trump dispatched thousands of national guardsmen and federal police to crush the protests.

​According to NBC, the new fence will encompass the same area fortified in June, including the White House grounds and Ellipse and incorporating the fence around Lafayette Park.

In another disturbing echo of the June military deployment, helicopters have been spotted making very low passes around downtown, where airspace is closed to all but police and military aircraft.

​However, one such chopper spotted Monday was likely a radiation “sniffer” helicopter operated by the US Department of Energy, which has been monitoring background radiation in the city for weeks. Its flight path on Monday…

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