Scottish ‘Loathing’ for Boris Johnson Creates New Surge for Scottish Independence, Says Poll


In 2014, Scotland held an independence referendum in which the majority, 55%, voted to remain part of the UK, while 45% supported independence.

Scottish “loathing” for Boris Johnson has facilitated a rise in support for independence among voters, according to pollster JL Partners.

In a poll carried out recently, the polling group found that 56% of Scots would now opt for Scotland to chart its own course in the world as an independent nation, while 44% said they opposed such a move. The polling also revealed that BoJo is even less liked among Scots than his predecessors Theresa May and David Cameron.

The study was carried out among 1,016 people and found that, of all the reasons for supporting independence, an overwhelming 79% agreed with the statement that “Boris Johnson is not the leader I want to have for my country.”

One of those who oversaw the poll, James Johnson, has been quoted elsewhere as saying that, “in focus he [Johnson] is not just criticised in the way David Cameron and Theresa May were, but loathed.”

“It is hard not to look at these figures and assume the Union is doomed. It is certainly the gravest situation the Unionist cause has found itself in in recent history,” Mr Johnson added.

Out of all Conservative party leaders, the poll reveals that former Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson and the Chancellor Rishi Sunak are the most liked. Interestingly, Mr Sunak rates higher in popularity among Scots than Labour Party…

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