How Failure to Integrate Muslim Migrants Backfired on France as It Strives to Protect Core Values

On Thursday, a brutal assault on parishioners of the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Nice shook a French society already traumatised by the beheading of a French teacher in the northern Paris suburb of Éragny earlier this month. European politicians and academics have discussed EU migrant policies and the need to protect core European values.

The suspect behind the Nice attack is believed to be a 21-year old Tunisian national named Brahim Aioussaoi, who arrived on the Italian island of Lampedusa by boat on 20 September. He is said to have repeatedly shouted “Allah Akbar” when law enforcement officers arrived at the scene. At present, the attacker is in critical condition at a local hospital after being shot by police. Two knives, two phones, and a copy of the Koran were reportedly found in a bag belonging to him.

‘Asymmetric, Treacherous, and Hidden War’

The French senator laments the fact that the French government has fallen short of fighting illegal immigration for many years while giving out citizenship indiscriminately even to those who did not accept French values.

“We have to start all over again”, she says. “It’s useless to keep organising candlelight vigils and making emotional statements”.

The politician denounced the “asymmetric, treacherous, and hidden war” waged by Islamic terrorism. According to the senator, who is a member of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, “some countries do not understand the risk that exists in france today”.

The decapitation of an…

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