Hezbollah Leader Slams Macron for ‘Dragging’ France Into Battle With Islam Amid Prophet Cartoon Row

Last week, President Emmanuel Macron vowed that france would continue to “fight for freedom”, in a statement made during a ceremony to pay tribute to a French teacher killed after he showed caricatures depicting the Prophet Muhammad to his students.

Hassan Nasrallah, head of the Lebanon-based Shia militant group Hezbollah, has warned france against its irreconcilable stance on caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad.

He added that instead of “fixing the issue”, French authorities “became stubborn about this being freedom of expression” and that Paris should “think about correcting this mistake”.

The Hezbollah leader also condemned a recent deadly stabbing in the French city of Nice, stressing that “Islam […] forbids the killing of innocents”.

“Even if the perpetrator was a Muslim, no one should hold Islam accountable for this crime”, Nasrallah added, cautioning France against pursuing anti-Muslim policy. 

The remarks followed Friday’s statement by Tunisia’s judiciary official Mohsen Dali that Brahim al-Aouissaoui, the Tunisian suspect in the deadly Nice attack, was arrested for violence and using a knife back in 2016.

In a separate development on Friday, French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said that he does not exclude more terrorist attacks on French territory as the country is engaged in a “war against Islamist ideology”.

Macron Says France ‘Under Terrorist Attack Again’

This followed President Emmanuel Macron telling reporters on Thursday…

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