UK Must Stand With France


Halloween may have been cancelled but we are living in a dystopian world that even Steven King or George Orwell combined couldn’t have imagined. We are under attack from a virus/enemy that we cannot see and an Islamist terror regime that is all too visible.

We are being confined to our own houses and separated from our friends and family. We are under siege from a ‘Thought Police’ and a woke culture that no one has ever voted for and our opinions and views are being silenced, ridiculed or even made illegal. We are being manipulated by a dying mainstream media and their fake news stories.

Meanwhile real news and opinion is being suppressed by the new social media oligarchs who are clearly pushing their own elite, woke political agenda. Never before have we needed real leadership with a clear direction of travel and a real determined effort to restore and safeguard our basic principles of free speech and freedom of expression.

However, with Boris all we get is confused messages and lack of clarity which leads to further division when what we need is unity. The handling of Covid-19 is clear proof of this. In fact, this week we haven’t even got that, as Boris seems to have gone ‘missing in inaction!’

Europe under attack

The terror attacks and the mediaeval style atrocities we have witnessed in France must be condemned by everyone who lives in what is supposed to be our tolerant liberal democracies. However,…

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