Trump Warns Biden Will ‘Open Floodgate to Radical Islamic Terrorism’ Should He Win Election


One of the first things Trump did after being sworn in as president was to introduce travel bans on several countries, mainly Muslim nations, in an attempt to prevent the arrival of radicalised Islamic terrorists in the country.

President Donald Trump has warned his supporters at a rally in Florida that should Democratic opponent Joe Biden become the next president, he will open the way for Islamic terrorists to enter the US.

POTUS claims that Biden would seek to abolish the travel bans he introduced at the start of his presidency in 2017, thus making the US vulnerable to attacks akin to the ones that recently shook france. Trump specifically referred to the beheading of a French teacher two weeks ago and the most recent attack in Nice, perpetrated by a Tunisian migrant, extending his regards to French President Emmanuel Macron.

Trump went on to say that under “the Biden plan” the US will “suffer horrifying attacks” similar to those experienced by france on a regular basis. POTUS even knocked on the wood of his podium at the rally in a superstitious attempt to prevent such a scenario from turning into reality.

Biden has indeed vowed to terminate “Trump’s detrimental asylum policies” and end “the mismanagement of the asylum system” in his electoral promises, but did not specify whether he would lift the remaining restrictions for travellers from Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Venezuela, and Yemen.

Two Beheading Attacks Rock France…

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