Terror Might Be Unstoppable But France Has Awoken From ‘Virus of Political Correctness’ – Ex-Mossad Spy

It is almost impossible to eradicate the lone-wolf terror attacks currently sweeping France, thinks a former Mossad operative, simply because it is extremely tough to penetrate the minds of thousands of radicals across the nation and track them down.

Another brutal attack in france has left three people dead, following a knife-wielding terrorist killing three worshippers at the Notre Dame church in Nice on Thursday.

The city’s mayor Christian Estrosi has already called the attack an “act of terror” and france has raised its national security alert system to the highest level.

Not a Surprise

The attack did not come as a surprise to Gad Shimron, a security commentator and former Mossad (Israel’s spy agency) operative.

As somebody who has been dealing with security threats for years, he says France has a long history of attacks against civilian and sometimes military targets.

The country’s history of terrorist violence dates back to the late 19th century when anarchists committed bombings in the capital and even assassinated a French president.

In the 20th century, during France’s involvement in Algeria, the Front de la Liberation Nationale (FLN) attacked French targets on the mainland and in North Africa in the name of their self-determination.

Now, however, terror has changed its form, taking the shape of Islamic radicalism, the roots of which can be traced back to the end of the 1960s, when France opened its doors to immigration from the nation’s former colonies in North…

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