Israel-Hezbollah Conflict: Both Sides ‘Fully Prepared’ for Large-Scale War

Tensions between israel and Lebanon escalated in late August when the Jewish state’s military launched airstrikes against Hezbollah observation posts, in response to the Lebanon-based Shia militant group firing two shots from across the border aimed at Israeli troops.

Newsweek has cited representatives of the israel Defence Forces (IDF) and the Lebanon-based militant group Hezbollah as saying that they are completely ready for a potential full-fledged military conflict.

Brigadier General Ido Mizrachi, chief engineering officer of the IDF, told the US magazine that while the Israeli military sees Hezbollah “as the main enemy for now”, the IDF is doing its best to prevent this conflict from becoming “a genuine war”.

He predicted that the conflict between Israel and Hezlollah would show no signs of ceasing in the future, claiming that “this challenge” would become “deeper, stronger, and more complicated”.

A Hezbollah spokesperson, in turn, told Newsweek that the militant group is “always fully prepared regardless of the [Israeli] drills”, in an apparent nod to the IDF’s recent large-scale military exercises codenamed Lethal Arrow, which simulated a war with Hezbollah.

Israel-Hezbollah Tensions on Rise

The remarks come amid an escalation of tensions between the two sides, with Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah warning in late August that Israel will lose a soldier for every militant group fighter killed by their forces. Nasrallah, however, noted that his organisation won’t…

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