Danish Right-Wing Party Seeks to Reprint Charlie Hebdo’s Controversial Prophet Muhammad Cartoons


Earlier, the use of the cartoons by French schoolteacher Samuel Paty during a lesson on freedom of speech led to his brutal murder by 18-year-old Muslim man Abdullah Anzorov.

Denmark’s Nye Borgerlige (New Right) party has announced a fundraising campaign aimed at republishing the scandalous cartoons of the French satirical weekly magazine Charlie Hebdo illustrating the Prophet Muhammad. The party, which holds four out of 179 seats in the parliament, linked the campaign to the recent attacks in france over the controversial cartoons, which are deemed as blasphemous by Islam due to violating a ban on depicting the prophet.

Nye Borgerlige, which opposes open border policies, seeks to raise the money to “publish advertisements with the drawings of Charlie Hebdo” in the country’s media outlets, without specifying the nature of the advertisements. Vermund said that it was her “obligation” to ensure that Danish society “goes towards more freedom of speech not less”, but noted that she is “not at all certain” that the idea of reprinting Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons “will be possible”.

Vermund’s concerns are not without basis, as a representative of at least one of the country’s tabloids, Ekstra Bladet, expressed uncertainty in an interview with the AFP regarding whether it would print the ads or not. The outlet’s editor, Poul Madsen, said that Ekstra Bladet condemns terrorism and supports france and the freedom of speech, but will make a decision on…

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