US War in Yemen Worse Under Trump Than Bush, Obama Combined – Report

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A new report by a British nongovernmental organization (NGO) has found that in Yemen, the four years of Donald Trump’s presidency were by far the most violent of the past three US administrations, and might have totaled more operations than his two predecessors combined.

In the weeks after Trump took office in January 2017, he vastly accelerated the US war in Yemen, which was ostensibly part of a larger, global fight against al-Qaeda and affiliated terrorist groups. Despite the Pentagon’s strategic shift toward “great power confrontation” with Russia and China in the years since, the US war in Yemen has continued unabated, and the scale possibly exceeds both the years of former US Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama combined.

Airwars, an NGO connected to the University of London, has issued a damning new report revealing the scope of the war, waged by the world’s wealthiest country against one of its poorest.

According to their report, under Trump, the US has carried out some 230 alleged and declared “kinetic actions” in Yemen, including both airstrikes and ground raids by US troops. Forty of those have allegations of civilian harm, including the alleged deaths of between 86 and 154 civilians. A shocking 40% of those alleged deaths are associated with ground raids, even though they account for between 1.5% and 3% of US operations in Yemen.

An Undeclared War

The US war in Yemen against…

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