Winds of Change: How Likely is it Jordan’s New PM Will Become Closer to Israel?

Believed to be a friend of Jared Kushner, Bisher Khasawneh might change Jordan’s stance on the proposed US peace plan and shift his country’s attitude towards Israel, believes an Israeli expert. But that will not happen quickly, as he’ll first need to tackle the nation’s public opinion and serious opposition from within the government.

Jordan’s new prime minister, Bisher Khasawneh and his cabinet, who took office in mid-October, will need to tackle a number of pressing issues.

Domestically, the new head of government will need to focus on combating the COVID-19 pandemic that has already claimed the lives of nearly 450 Jordanians and will need to address the issue of the country’s ailing economy. The latter is expected to shrink by 6 percent by the end of this year.

On the international front, his input as a seasoned diplomat and a former negotiator with israel will be needed on the Palestinian issue, especially given the Jewish state’s ongoing expansion in the West Bank and its recent normalisation agreements with three Muslim countries, contributing to the PA’s isolation.

Committed to the Palestinian Cause 

Over the years, the Hashemite Kingdom has been supportive of the Palestinians, who, according to some estimates, make up some 70 percent of the country’s total population.

Although Palestinian-Jordanian relations were dealt a severe blow in the 1970s following a military confrontation with fighters from the Black September, a Palestinian terror group, the two sides…

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