Military Digest: The Ladakh story – Get there fastest with the mostest!

Written by Mandeep Singh Bajwa

October 24, 2020 9:55:07 am

These positions on the southern bank of Pangong Tso allow Indians to dominate the region because they not only overlook the Spanggur Gap, but also the Chinese garrison at Moldo. (Reuters/ File)

The great Prussian warrior, King Frederick the Great, once said, ‘If you defend everything, you defend nothing’. What he meant was that if one deployed troops all along one’s front or boundary one would be defeated piecemeal with no one position being held in strength.

Obviously, the Indian military believes in this dictum. It is one of its cardinal principles of war. Troop concentrations hold tactically important positions, patrol and surveil the gaps and maintain mobile reserves to repel any intrusions. However, this must be a flexible strategy. When dealing with the current Operation Land Grab launched by the Chinese in Ladakh, the Indian Army’s response in Phase 2 has been to protect each and every inch of our territory. This is dictated by Chinese tactics of nibbling away at pieces of Indian territory, then presenting us with a fait accompli. They seem to consider themselves safe in the belief that only a deliberate attack can oust them, not a show of force or application of pressure.

For the Chinese (and earlier the Japanese in…

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