US Treasury Sanctions Five Iranian Entities Over Alleged Meddling in 2020 Election

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The US Treasury has issued sanctions against five Iranian entities accused of attempting to interfere in the US 2020 elections, seizing their assets and prohibiting US persons from engaging in transactions with them.

IRGC Said to Mastermind Attempted Interference

The US Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) accused five Iranian entities of being “components of the Government of Iran, disguised as news organizations or media outlets” and attempting to interfere in the US elections.

The Trump administration previously designated the IRGC a terrorist organization in April 2019 in a move that shocked and confused onlookers, since no terrorist action has ever been traced back to the IRGC, which is a paramilitary organization formed during the 1979 revolution to uphold the recently-founded Islamic Republic.

The move comes a day after the FBI and Office of the Director of National Intelligence accused Iran and Russia of attempting to influence the US elections scheduled for November 3. Among the actions Iran is accused of is sending threatening emails purported to be from the far-right gang the Proud Boys to Democratic voters threatening them if they don’t vote for US President Donald Trump.

As a result, the Treasury has seized all property and interests connected to any of the five entities and promised further sanctions against anyone who engages in transactions with them.

Iran has rejected the…

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