Trump’s Bright Future Appeals More to Voters Than Joe Biden’s Dark Winter: Pundits on Final Debate


Following the debate, both presidential candidates have returned to campaigning in a last-ditch attempt to gain the support of undecided voters. There are now just 11 days to go before the US election, with most national polls showing Biden ahead of Trump.

From immigration and climate change to the coronavirus, economy, and national security – it seems that during the final presidential debate between President Donald Trump and his challenger Democrat Joe Biden, the two politicians managed to spar over just about every important topic. Both contenders were lauded for their orderly and focused behaviour during Thursday’s event. As is custom, both candidates’ camps claimed victory in the debate, but the media and the viewers were left divided, with one side saying that Trump’s unexpectedly restrained performance had secured him a hands-down victory, while the other side contended that Biden looked more solid than the Republican president.

One of the most interesting moves Joe Biden made during the bout was when he looked at his watch after 1 hour and 22 minutes, said body language expert, certified psychiatrist, and best-selling author Dr Carole Lieberman. According to Dr Lieberman, this detail showed how stressed the former vice president was and how much he wanted the event to be over.

“Joe Biden felt fear. He was barely holding himself together and was afraid that, if the debate went on much longer, he…

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