Photo of Beheaded Paris Teacher Reportedly Distributed by Daesh as it Warns ‘Swords Will Not Stop’

On 16 October, france was shaken by the gruesome beheading of 47-year-old Paris teacher Samuel Paty, who is thought to have been killed for showing a caricature of the prophet Muhammad to his students. An 18-year-old immigrant of Chechen origin who was the principal suspect in the murder was shot and killed by police during an arrest attempt.

A graphic “cutout photo” of decapitated French teacher was published in the latest issue of an online magazine allegedly run by Daesh* supporters in India, with terrorists threatening to attack everyone engaged in blasphemy against Prophet Mohammed, according to Homeland Security Today.

The outlet in question reportedly accompanied the pic of the victim’s severed head, which is said to have been originally shared by the teacher’s murderer on his social media, with an image of sword and the following message:

Earlier, the same magazine reportedly called upon its readers to emulate 2015 Charlie Hebdo mass shooting attack which saw 12 people dead and 11 others injured.

Decapitation of Paris Teacher

Daesh did not claim responsibility of the killing of Samuel Paty, a teacher from Conflans-Sainte-Honorine school in northwest of Paris, who was beheaded on 16 October by 18-year-old muslim of Chechen origin Aboulakh Anzorov. His family arrived to france amid ongoing anti-terrorist operation in Russia’s North Caucasian which includes Chechen Republic, and eventually had received refugee status. When he turned 18, Anzorov automatically…

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